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currency exchange rates from "20210621"
Currency name Code Unit Rate
Australia Dollar AUD 1.58210
Bulgaria Lev BGN 1.95580
Brazil Real BRL 6.01920
Canada Dollar CAD 1.47580
Switzerland Franc CHF 1.09540
China Yuan Renminbi CNY 7.69160
Czech Republic Koruna CZK 25.56900
Denmark Krone DKK 7.43640
United Kingdom Pound GBP 0.85670
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 9.23260
Croatia Kuna HRK 7.49950
Hungary Forint HUF 354.11000
Indonesia Rupiah IDR 17175.29000
Israel Shekel ILS 3.88490
India Rupee INR 88.18600
Iceland Krona ISK 147.04000
Japan Yen JPY 130.91000
Korea (South) Won KRW 1349.19000
Mexico Peso MXN 24.49320
Malaysia Ringgit MYR 4.93180
Norway Krone NOK 10.26730
New Zealand Dollar NZD 1.70570
Philippines Peso PHP 57.97300
Poland Zloty PLN 4.53290
Romania New Leu RON 4.92370
Russia Ruble RUB 87.12650
Sweden Krona SEK 10.21630
Singapore Dollar SGD 1.59890
Thailand Baht THB 37.59300
Turkey Lira TRY 10.44830
United States Dollar USD 1.18910
South Africa Rand ZAR 16.94530

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