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currency exchange rates from "30.05.2017."
Currency name Code Unit Rate
Australia Dollar AUD 1 MeanRate: 4,936507
BuyRateCache: 4,764963
BuyRateForeign: 4,813094
SellRateForeign: 5,084602
SellRateCache: 5,135448
Canada Dollar CAD 1 MeanRate: 4,932244
BuyRateCache: 4,785263
BuyRateForeign: 4,833599
SellRateForeign: 5,055550
SellRateCache: 5,106106
Czech Republic Koruna CZK 1 MeanRate: 0,280910
BuyRateCache: 0,271163
BuyRateForeign: 0,275292
SellRateForeign: 0,287933
SellRateCache: 0,290812
Denmark Krone DKK 1 MeanRate: 0,997910
BuyRateCache: 0,973112
BuyRateForeign: 0,982941
SellRateForeign: 1,017868
SellRateCache: 1,028047
Hungary Forint HUF 100 MeanRate: 2,412163
BuyRateCache: 2,328461
BuyRateForeign: 2,363920
SellRateForeign: 2,472467
SellRateCache: 2,497192
Japan Yen JPY 100 MeanRate: 5,961701
BuyRateCache: 5,754830
BuyRateForeign: 5,842467
SellRateForeign: 6,140552
SellRateCache: 6,201958
Norway Krone NOK 1 MeanRate: 0,789516
BuyRateCache: 0,769896
BuyRateForeign: 0,777673
SellRateForeign: 0,805306
SellRateCache: 0,813359
Sweden Krona SEK 1 MeanRate: 0,763425
BuyRateCache: 0,744454
BuyRateForeign: 0,751974
SellRateForeign: 0,778694
SellRateCache: 0,786481
Switzerland Franc CHF 1 MeanRate: 6,814740
BuyRateCache: 6,544195
BuyRateForeign: 6,610298
SellRateForeign: 7,019182
SellRateCache: 7,089374
United Kingdom Pound GBP 1 MeanRate: 8,526153
BuyRateCache: 8,229869
BuyRateForeign: 8,312999
SellRateForeign: 8,739307
SellRateCache: 8,826700
United States Dollar USD 1 MeanRate: 6,637761
BuyRateCache: 6,374242
BuyRateForeign: 6,438628
SellRateForeign: 6,836894
SellRateCache: 6,939447
Bosnia and Herzegovina Marka BAM 1 MeanRate: 3,796342
BuyRateCache: 3,675770
BuyRateForeign: 3,750786
SellRateForeign: 3,841898
SellRateCache: 3,851503
Euro Member Countries EUR 1 MeanRate: 7,425000
BuyRateCache: 7,365000
BuyRateForeign: 7,375000
SellRateForeign: 7,475000
SellRateCache: 7,485000
Poland Zloty PLN 1 MeanRate: 1,776613
BuyRateCache: 1,714965
BuyRateForeign: 1,741081
SellRateForeign: 1,821028
SellRateCache: 1,839238
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