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currency exchange rates from "21.02.2017."
Currency name Code Unit Rate
Australia Dollar AUD 1 MeanRate: 5,379918
BuyRateCache: 5,192966
BuyRateForeign: 5,245420
SellRateForeign: 5,541316
SellRateCache: 5,596729
Canada Dollar CAD 1 MeanRate: 5,353997
BuyRateCache: 5,194448
BuyRateForeign: 5,246917
SellRateForeign: 5,487847
SellRateCache: 5,542725
Czech Republic Koruna CZK 1 MeanRate: 0,275577
BuyRateCache: 0,266014
BuyRateForeign: 0,270065
SellRateForeign: 0,282466
SellRateCache: 0,285291
Denmark Krone DKK 1 MeanRate: 1,001513
BuyRateCache: 0,976625
BuyRateForeign: 0,986490
SellRateForeign: 1,021543
SellRateCache: 1,031758
Hungary Forint HUF 100 MeanRate: 2,415482
BuyRateCache: 2,331664
BuyRateForeign: 2,367172
SellRateForeign: 2,475869
SellRateCache: 2,500628
Japan Yen JPY 100 MeanRate: 6,199775
BuyRateCache: 5,984643
BuyRateForeign: 6,075780
SellRateForeign: 6,385768
SellRateCache: 6,449626
Norway Krone NOK 1 MeanRate: 0,840730
BuyRateCache: 0,819838
BuyRateForeign: 0,828119
SellRateForeign: 0,857545
SellRateCache: 0,866120
Sweden Krona SEK 1 MeanRate: 0,785611
BuyRateCache: 0,766089
BuyRateForeign: 0,773827
SellRateForeign: 0,801323
SellRateCache: 0,809336
Switzerland Franc CHF 1 MeanRate: 6,987002
BuyRateCache: 6,709618
BuyRateForeign: 6,777392
SellRateForeign: 7,196612
SellRateCache: 7,268578
United Kingdom Pound GBP 1 MeanRate: 8,741341
BuyRateCache: 8,437579
BuyRateForeign: 8,522807
SellRateForeign: 8,959875
SellRateCache: 9,049474
United States Dollar USD 1 MeanRate: 7,015643
BuyRateCache: 6,737122
BuyRateForeign: 6,805174
SellRateForeign: 7,226112
SellRateCache: 7,334504
Bosnia and Herzegovina Marka BAM 1 MeanRate: 3,806568
BuyRateCache: 3,685671
BuyRateForeign: 3,760889
SellRateForeign: 3,852247
SellRateCache: 3,861878
Euro Member Countries EUR 1 MeanRate: 7,445000
BuyRateCache: 7,385000
BuyRateForeign: 7,395000
SellRateForeign: 7,495000
SellRateCache: 7,505000
Poland Zloty PLN 1 MeanRate: 1,721487
BuyRateCache: 1,661751
BuyRateForeign: 1,687057
SellRateForeign: 1,764524
SellRateCache: 1,782169
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