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currency exchange rates from "24.03.2017."
Currency name Code Unit Rate
Australia Dollar AUD 1 MeanRate: 5,251602
BuyRateCache: 5,069109
BuyRateForeign: 5,120312
SellRateForeign: 5,409150
SellRateCache: 5,463242
Canada Dollar CAD 1 MeanRate: 5,156647
BuyRateCache: 5,002979
BuyRateForeign: 5,053514
SellRateForeign: 5,285563
SellRateCache: 5,338419
Czech Republic Koruna CZK 1 MeanRate: 0,274426
BuyRateCache: 0,264903
BuyRateForeign: 0,268937
SellRateForeign: 0,281287
SellRateCache: 0,284100
Denmark Krone DKK 1 MeanRate: 0,997062
BuyRateCache: 0,972285
BuyRateForeign: 0,982106
SellRateForeign: 1,017003
SellRateCache: 1,027173
Hungary Forint HUF 100 MeanRate: 2,399249
BuyRateCache: 2,315995
BuyRateForeign: 2,351264
SellRateForeign: 2,459230
SellRateCache: 2,483822
Japan Yen JPY 100 MeanRate: 6,205540
BuyRateCache: 5,990208
BuyRateForeign: 6,081429
SellRateForeign: 6,391706
SellRateCache: 6,455623
Norway Krone NOK 1 MeanRate: 0,810675
BuyRateCache: 0,790530
BuyRateForeign: 0,798515
SellRateForeign: 0,826889
SellRateCache: 0,835158
Sweden Krona SEK 1 MeanRate: 0,779829
BuyRateCache: 0,760451
BuyRateForeign: 0,768132
SellRateForeign: 0,795426
SellRateCache: 0,803380
Switzerland Franc CHF 1 MeanRate: 6,926346
BuyRateCache: 6,651370
BuyRateForeign: 6,718556
SellRateForeign: 7,134136
SellRateCache: 7,205477
United Kingdom Pound GBP 1 MeanRate: 8,591623
BuyRateCache: 8,293064
BuyRateForeign: 8,376832
SellRateForeign: 8,806414
SellRateCache: 8,894478
United States Dollar USD 1 MeanRate: 6,875609
BuyRateCache: 6,602648
BuyRateForeign: 6,669341
SellRateForeign: 7,081877
SellRateCache: 7,188105
Bosnia and Herzegovina Marka BAM 1 MeanRate: 3,791229
BuyRateCache: 3,670819
BuyRateForeign: 3,745734
SellRateForeign: 3,836724
SellRateCache: 3,846316
Euro Member Countries EUR 1 MeanRate: 7,415000
BuyRateCache: 7,355000
BuyRateForeign: 7,365000
SellRateForeign: 7,465000
SellRateCache: 7,475000
Poland Zloty PLN 1 MeanRate: 1,736900
BuyRateCache: 1,676630
BuyRateForeign: 1,702162
SellRateForeign: 1,780323
SellRateCache: 1,798126
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