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currency exchange rates from "26.04.2017."
Currency name Code Unit Rate
Australia Dollar AUD 1 MeanRate: 5,162206
BuyRateCache: 4,982819
BuyRateForeign: 5,033151
SellRateForeign: 5,317072
SellRateCache: 5,370243
Canada Dollar CAD 1 MeanRate: 5,049958
BuyRateCache: 4,899469
BuyRateForeign: 4,948959
SellRateForeign: 5,176207
SellRateCache: 5,227969
Czech Republic Koruna CZK 1 MeanRate: 0,278078
BuyRateCache: 0,268428
BuyRateForeign: 0,272516
SellRateForeign: 0,285030
SellRateCache: 0,287880
Denmark Krone DKK 1 MeanRate: 1,002158
BuyRateCache: 0,977255
BuyRateForeign: 0,987126
SellRateForeign: 1,022201
SellRateCache: 1,032423
Hungary Forint HUF 100 MeanRate: 2,390687
BuyRateCache: 2,307730
BuyRateForeign: 2,342873
SellRateForeign: 2,450454
SellRateCache: 2,474959
Japan Yen JPY 100 MeanRate: 6,205261
BuyRateCache: 5,989939
BuyRateForeign: 6,081156
SellRateForeign: 6,391419
SellRateCache: 6,455333
Norway Krone NOK 1 MeanRate: 0,800907
BuyRateCache: 0,781004
BuyRateForeign: 0,788893
SellRateForeign: 0,816925
SellRateCache: 0,825094
Sweden Krona SEK 1 MeanRate: 0,777445
BuyRateCache: 0,758125
BuyRateForeign: 0,765783
SellRateForeign: 0,792994
SellRateCache: 0,800924
Switzerland Franc CHF 1 MeanRate: 6,886200
BuyRateCache: 6,612818
BuyRateForeign: 6,679614
SellRateForeign: 7,092786
SellRateCache: 7,163714
United Kingdom Pound GBP 1 MeanRate: 8,788165
BuyRateCache: 8,482776
BuyRateForeign: 8,568461
SellRateForeign: 9,007869
SellRateCache: 9,097948
United States Dollar USD 1 MeanRate: 6,852337
BuyRateCache: 6,580299
BuyRateForeign: 6,646767
SellRateForeign: 7,057907
SellRateCache: 7,163776
Bosnia and Herzegovina Marka BAM 1 MeanRate: 3,811681
BuyRateCache: 3,690622
BuyRateForeign: 3,765941
SellRateForeign: 3,857421
SellRateCache: 3,867065
Euro Member Countries EUR 1 MeanRate: 7,455000
BuyRateCache: 7,395000
BuyRateForeign: 7,405000
SellRateForeign: 7,505000
SellRateCache: 7,515000
Poland Zloty PLN 1 MeanRate: 1,760933
BuyRateCache: 1,699828
BuyRateForeign: 1,725714
SellRateForeign: 1,804956
SellRateCache: 1,823006
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