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Any people can send message to Impulse user without registration in Impulse Web Panel.

How to send message to Impulse Users ?

1. Send SMS to the number , with next text format: 'UniqueId space message' - substituting UniqueID of recipient user id number and typing text messages through the space, an example of SMS message: 00000 Hello. This SMS message will be forwarded to personal profile of Impulse user who have Unique ID equal 00000.

How is it works.
When public SMS-GATE number receive an SMS message where first word is a Unique ID code, then this message will be forwarded to Impulse user. User will be able to view message in the log list of SMS messages. If user have positive SMS limit, it can switch ON function of resending incoming SMS messages from SMS-GATE to user registered phone number.

How to send message to Impulse user without registration.

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Redirection of incoming messages to e-mail and SMS.

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'Impulse mobile app' + 'Impulse Web Panel'

Unique opportunity to receive the calls and SMS messages events from your mobile phone, through Internet.

For example: If you forget your phone at home or at work, which are connected to the Internet and the Impulse app will be running, in this case you will be able to view the missed calls, from any computer connected to the Internet.

Download Impulse for NOKIA smartphone

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